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Wednesday, 08 June 2011


The magnificent Swedish sail training ship T/S Gunilla has returned to Scalloway for the fourth consecutive year and will be berthed in the harbour until Friday.  Onboard are a group of marine biology and nautical students who will welcome NAFC Marine Centre staff onboard their floating classroom, as well as enjoy field trips organised by the Centre. 

It is this valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practice that has put Scalloway firmly on the ship's itinerary every summer since the three-masted, square-rigged ship (of around 60 metres in length) made her first-ever visit back in 2008.

Today (Wednesday 8 June) the ship's nautical students visited the Centre's state-of-the-art bridge simulator for a simulated exercise, accompanied by the Gunilla's officers. 

At the same time, the marine biology students joined NAFC Marine Centre aquaculture staff to visit nearby fish farms, before returning to the ship where Marine Science and Technology staff delivered lectures on Shetland's marine environment and aquaculture industry.

The entire crew will also be welcomed at the Centre for a guided tour of the campus' high quality facilities during the week.

NAFC Marine Centre director, Professor David Gray, commented: “We’re delighted that T/S Gunilla and her crew have chosen to visit Scalloway again and that they are keen to spend time with us during their visit. 

“The ship is a floating classroom that gives students the opportunity to incorporate real life experiences into their training programme and we're very pleased that they feel the NAFC Marine Centre has an important role to play in their learning.”

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