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08 December 2010

SSMO and NAFC Marine Centre work together to consult stakeholders on the best options for sustaining Shetland's valuable inshore shellfish resources

27 October 2010

G-mail scam - Dr. George Fisch

13 October 2010

Guardian Angell nets a violet stingray

13 October

New Young Marine Explorers Corner launched at NAFC library

07 October 2010

Partnership with industry secures major studies on fish stocks at NAFC Marine Centre

07 October 2010

New intake of cadets at NAFC Marine Centre

21 September 2010

New National Progression Award in Aquaculture begins at NAFC Marine Centre

09 September 2010

SSMO move to protect sensitive habitats around Shetland

07 September 2010

First New Brunswick student comes to NAFC Marine Centre

18 August 2010

Environment Minister finds out more about Shetland's Aquaculture

29 June 2010

NAFC team success at Simmer Dim Half Marathon

23 June 2010

Prizewinners on Langa

21 June 2010

Visiting hamefarer Captain makes presentation to NAFC library

10 June 2010

NAFC Marine Centre works closely with Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation

03 June 2010

New Appointments at NAFC Marine Centre

03 June 2010

Swedish Sail Training Ship T/S Gunilla returns to Scalloway Harbour

20 May 2010

Northern Lighthouse Board Awards Prizes to NAFC Marine Centre Cadets

25 March 2010

New Shetland Marine Spatial Plan Consultation Enters New Phase

24 March 2010

New Award Presented to NAFC Cadet

02 March 2010

Unusual Species Plotted on NAFC Website

13 January 2010

NAFC helps train the fishermen of the future

21 December 2009

Students scoop prizes at NAFC annual prize giving

11 November 2009

New intake of cadets at NAFC Marine Centre

04 November 2009

Merchant Navy Deck Officer cadets qualify at NAFC Marine Centre

30 September 2009

NAFC appoints new Shetland Marine Energy Development Officer

16 September 2009

NAFC staff return from Norwegian fact finding mission

15 September 2009

NAFC delegate presents paper at international conference

11 August 2009

New PhD studentship to study Shetland's aquaculture industry 

29 July 2009

Cadets celebrate success in MCA Oral exams

06 July 2009

NAFC launches three-year study to improve understanding of North Sea megrim stock

24 June 2009

NAFC launches new lobster study to benefit fishermen

09 June 2009

Swedish sail training ship T/S Gunilla makes return visit to Scalloway Harbour

08 June 2009

Ollaberry school pupil prize winner

27 May 2009

NAFC Marine Centre appoints new head of Marine Science and Technology

20 May 2009

Northern Lighthouse Board awards new prizes to NAFC cadets

21 April 2009

NAFC brings fun, interactive and hands on displays to Clickimin

09 April 2009

NAFC Marine Centre welcomes furthest travelled group of trainees

25 March 2009

Collaboration set to enhance Scientific Skills

18 March 2009

NAFC prize winner receives reward

24 February 2009

New NAFC Director talks of areas of excellence

10 February 2009

New manager at Da Haaf

21 December 2009

Shetland's Marine Spatial Plan moves on to next stage

19 December 2008

New website launched for NAFC

17 December 2008

Student success at NAFC annual prize giving

02 December 2008  

First week at NAFC for new director 

02 December 2008  

NAFC Engineer cadet secures unique opportunity 

12 November 2008

History project starts at NAFC Marine Centre  

29 October 2008

Class of 2005 score 100 per cent  

24 October 2008

Gold ticket awarded to Shetland's youngest fisherman

22 October 2008

New intake of Cadets at NAFC Marine Centre

08 October 2008

Visitors give "Seas Around Us" their seal of approval

24 September 2008

Monkfish swims 732 miles from Shetland to Norway

24 September 2008

New intake of cadets visit MV Hjaltland

03 September 2008

NAFC Marine Centre to host workshop and training course on rapid testing for shellfish toxins

03 September 2008

NAFC Marine Centre welcomes ministerial visit

21 August 2008

Appointment of new director for NAFC Marine Centre

11 August 2008

New fishing history research studentship at NAFC

29 July 2008

'Seas Around Us' project is resounding success

18 July 2008

First Shetland under 16.5m skipper ticket awarded

16 July 2008

Engineers choose Shetland

01 July 2008

Seas Around Us project success

16 June 2008

NAFC Marine Centre welcomes European Commission

16 June 2008

Skillseekers launch a new career

04 June 2008

NAFC Marine Centre wins flatfish contract

04 June 2008

Unique visitor to call along Scalloway Harbour

30 May 2008

Newcastle University delegates visit NAFC Marine Centre

26 May 2008

NAFC Marine Centre director seeks stronger links with local industries

21 May 2008

NAFC Marine Centre appoints new business development manager

13 May 2008

NAFC launches 2008 Seas Around Us project 

09 April 2008

First consultation held on Shetland Marine Planning initiative

01 April 2008

New interim director for NAFC Marine Centre

05 March 2008

First Minister congratulates NAFC Marine Centre on "remarkable reputation"

04 March 2008

NAFC Marine Centre Director to move on

07 February 2008

NAFC analysis highlights value of fishing to Shetland

23 January 2008

NAFC Marine Centre launches new brown crab tagging programme

28 November 2007

SSQC Ltd secures E coli contract

06 November 2007

BBC Landward finds out more about Shetland velvet crabs

31 October 2007

First ever group of Merchant Navy cadets qualify at NAFC Marine Centre

23 October 2007

NAFC Marine Centre reports tagged shark recapture

26 September 2007

NAFC Marine Centre to host Buckland Lecture

13 September 2007

NAFC Marine Centre's Modern Apprenticeship Programme in Engineering celebrates its 10th anniversary

06 September 2007

New term for Schools' Skills programmes

06 September 2007

New intake of cadets at NAFC Marine Centre

05 September 2007

MSP learns more about local Schools' Skills initiatives

05 September 2007

NAFC Marine Centre undertakes shellfish studies

22 August 2007

Marine science delegation visit Shetland on algal bloom fact finding trip

10 August 2007

NAFC Marine Centre launches new finfish cages

08 August 2007

NAFC Marine Centre completes jig fishing pilot study

19 July 2007

'Seas Around Us' project attracts large crowd

04 July 2007

NAFC Marine Centre welcomes consultant input into Wrasse project

29 June 2007

NAFC Marine Centre has new Chair


NAFC helps put monkfish back on the shelves

Children wowed by exotic displays of local marine life

'The Seas Around Us' - a pilot schools' project

Adenia II hand in a "cable-biter" for identification

Copious LK985 nets albino monkfish

Technology extends Shetland's coastline

Inshore fishermen seize opportunity

First steps towards ASDA stocking monkfish

Farmed herring? - Silver darlings found in nets

NAFC takes lead in marine mapping

NAFC subcontracted to sample Shetland mussels

ASDA's decision to ban sales of monkfish

Shetland student one of the best again

NAFC supports Fisheries and Aquaculture

Sealice identification workshops for fish farmers

First ever KTP project in Aquaculture awarded

NAFC Marine Centre's 2005/06 Annual Report