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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is...

To be recognised in Shetland and wider Scotland as the provider of choice for education, training, research and advice to promote the sustainability of coastal communities and maritime resources in the Shetland Islands, Highlands and Islands region and wider Scotland.

Our Mission is...

To provide quality assured supports within coastal communities with high dependency on the marine environment that allow existing and future activities to be conducted in a compliant, safe, informed, responsible and modern way so as to promote social cohesion, 
continuous individual achievement and economic development in a way that is sensitive to the heritage and culture of the individual communities.

Objects of the trust are...

  • To secure the establishment, maintenance and management of a Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust to provide formal and informal education and training in all aspects of the Shetland fishing industry including fish catching, fish processing, fish farming, marine engineering, navigation, seamanship, research and all related ancillary activities

  • To educate the public generally and those involved with the marine environment in particular with regard to seamanship and navigation, the skills required both by the Shetland fishing industry, particularly in relation to sustainable fishing, and by those involved with the sea adjacent to the Shetland Islands and elsewhere

  • To promote scientific research into the marine environment, marine renewables and a sustainable fishing industry and to use the results thereof to provide training and to promote best practice

  • To promote, protect, conserve, rehabilitate and improve the marine environment, including its animals and plant life, in the seas adjacent to the Shetland Islands and elsewhere

  • To promote and preserve the heritage of both the Shetland fishing industry and those involved with the sea adjacent to the Shetland Islands and elsewhere

Download our strategic plan, which details our five strategic aims and five core values.